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YAY I passed my final exam
Fizzy Pop friends
Today I passed my final exam so from today I'm offically a social worker.

Tomorrow I'll updat this entry with more detailj but I'm so tired now so I just go to my bed right now.

Final exam and fusion fiction
Fizzy Pop friends

Well at the moment I'm super calm but I can't guarantee to I'll be the same next morning becaus I'll go to 9am GMT+1 to my University tothe final exam so if I'll pass it and why wouldn't than I ill get my degree from social work.
The other thing I would like to share is the fact I found a Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash fusion fiction.
I was imaging about a fusion fiction like this before but I'm too lazy to write any fanfictions. I think Twilight and Dash would make ann intresting whole. I mean Rainbow Dash is fast, strong and confident meanwhile Twilight is calm, great magican and smart.

Night of the Museums
Fizzy Pop friends


Yesterday I was on the Night of the Museums event with my mother. http://www.muzej.hu/index.php?lang=en

This it was this centenary witch means it was the 10th Night of the Museums and now not only the museums of Budapest joined to this profgramme but from other bigger cities too.

The programme started from 6pm but there were a few programms earlier in the Fiumei Cemetery where we went for 3pm. We heared a bell concert first than a harmonica concert from a musicans from the 3rd Megastart music contest. He played ang sang very beutyfully and we really enjoyed to lisen to him. The only big disappoint was the next programme because we waited to a singer (called to Caramel in his artist name) should give a little concert in the cemetery but insted a nother singer came to the stage Szomorú arc so me and my mither left the concert. but before we totally left the cemetery we visited the Piety Museum wich was in the cemetery too.


Afther we saw the exibition there we went over to the Mai Manó House http://goo.gl/maps/WfWw we wathed the politicans in bathing suit exibition  http://www.maimano.hu/kismano/20120511_miniszterek_gatyaban/index_en.html it was really interesting to see how different it was the 1930-39 years because back then the politicans simply went to the same bath were the simple people did.

The last two exibitions/museums we visited were the Collection of Vetenarity History and the Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitor’s Center.

Afthere all I really enjoyed yesterday’s afthernoon and night.


I plan to play RP on Canterlot
Fizzy Pop friends
Well I decided to join to the RP game on the Canterlot Community and Rolepay Forur. My persona Ice Cream was approved at the end of February and my profile was transferd to the Roleplayer group on the forum in the first days of Marc unfortunetly I can't find an RP partner who would accept to my Ice Cream Surprise become to his/her character's neighbour in Ponyville in the RP section. :(

Well I still hope I'll find someone and I can start to playing RP as I planned since I would like to enter in the RP with my character as Ice Cream Surprise moving to Ponyville from Canterlot but she wouldn't like to live alone so she would like to find a housmate/roommate for herself.


Better later than never report from the least HunBrony meeting
Fizzy Pop friends
Well I haven't wrote here for a long while again. I guess I should start to write here more regullary anyway the last HunBrony Meeting was on the 28th of February and I was there too.

The organizer of the meeting was Fallingstar (I only mentionthe most important members of the group and I use only their nickname) and his helper and the meeting's cashier was Inchay but the group's founder Enormous Machintosh was there too.
Our meetings' first programme afther the gathering was the ice skating on the Városligeti Műlyégpálya. Since my father offered earlier to take me to the place of our first programme I infored our leaders and than I met with the group there. We were lucky because the pegasus ponies all the clouds from the sky so Celestia's sun was able to warm up the temperature to 9 Celsius (48.2F) degree.

The most of us have alre known how to ice3 skating but even those who didn't know how to skating learnt a bit during the two hours we spent there.We spent the time there with skating, playing train while we passed (in hand to hand) one of us' mobile to recording it (too bad I haven't got those records :( ). We were also chatting and helping those who weren't good at skating. Fore those who became hungry a buffet could be found.

Afther the ice skating we went to the MC Donald's nex to the Nyugati Railway Station where we got a quick hamburger lunch and many of us bought Happy Meal Menu because they could get Rarity next to it. We spent there a while before we walked over to the Osterbräu Pub on foot which took about half an hour.

This group photo was made during we walked over to the Osterbäu:

We spent the rest of the meeting in the Osterbäu and we had lots of fun.
First the group surprised Mac, Falling and Enchain with one-one botte of Cider:

Those people who bought tickets from Enchain earlier the day could won special gifts:

some more  pictures:

When I went home I found out I left my bag with my skates back in the pub but luckily I got back since than but sadly I needed to learn on facebook (on the next day afther the meeting) some of the guys hav't flly payed out their bills to Enchay when they left. :( Well hopefully we'll be find out how to make sure it won't happen again because some of us need to overpay to cover the total bill.

All in all I'm looking foward for the future group programs since we got a programm plan for the rest of the year but they can change:


Achinhi's 1st HunBrony House Party (Can't wait to get there)

April: Brony Picknic
May: Movie or amusement park
June: Nothing yet
July: Brony Camp (possibly in the 1st or 2nd week of July)
August: Minigolf
September: Lasertag
October: 1st Anniversary Bronymeeting
Noember: Nothing yet
December: Bowling

1 st Hunbrony Meeting
Fizzy Pop friends
I just arived home from the very 1st Annual Hunbrony Meeting and I can say I can't wait until I could meet with my brony friends. The time really flew while we were togeter and laughed a lot. I'm so happy I found this Hun Bronny club about 1.5 monts ago. Tehere were about 35 members there (33 boys with me and two girls). I really surprised how well it was. Some of them were alredy wearing their own made Brony T-shirts.</p>

We met at the Népliget Busstation than we walked over to the Gödör Club were we had free activities like drawing, chatting and My little pony video and clips watching since someone brought his laptop and we sang together twice the Wrinter wrao up song. I brought with some My little pony Friendship is magic magazines which were very popular and everybody wanted to read it.

Afther all it was the bast day I had yet.

Here are a few pictures I made:

Sauna Seanse
Fizzy Pop friends
I'm here in St. Lorenzen ob Murau with my mother, my grandmother and with my little sister since last Saturday. Unfortunately the weather isn't too good. It's mostly cloudy and it was very rainy in the first two days.
On monday afthernoon I went to a sauna seans witch was very cheap only 7€ while the cheapest massage was almost 7 times more expensive 45€ . The sauna seans had got 3 steps and both of them was awsome.
First step was an alpin flower seanse where the sauna master put alpin flower oil into the water and he put it on the hot rocks and afther 15 when we came out from the sauna we got candy.
Second step was a fruity seanse where the sauna master used citrus sensed water on the hot rocks.
The third and last step was where the sauna master put ice cubes on the hot rocks and we got ice cubes too to rubbing our body with it while we are in the hot sauna. It was awsome.

Looking back and foward
Fizzy Pop friends

Well there are only 6 hours back from this year or at least here in Hungary. Soon not this year ends but the first decade of the 21st century so it's time to looking back too.

Afther the very bloody 20th century I hoped the 21st century won’t be the same but unfortunetly my hope failed on the 11th of September 2001 when terrorists flew into the WTC’s towers with two planes with man victim people on them and I can’t forgot from those who died in or around the towers in the next hours especially when the towers collapsed.

In the last 10 years many of my relatives passed away, unfortunetly my father’s big sister died too. Luckily my little brother borned on the 25th of Februarry 2000.

I almost arrived at the end of my studies afther 15 years studing. Tere is only one semester back for my at the Universtity. Ofcorse I will continue learning since these they we need to learning trouh our whole life.

There are alredy 7 years passed since my pearats divorced but I still wish they would live together even I know it’s impossible.

I redescovered MLP 3 years ago and I’m a proud member of the MLP Arena and other MLP fan forums.

I sw many great films and cartoons too.


The last year was hard as I imagined. There were floodings and catastrophies around the word and even here in hngary, luckily I didn’t need to facing with any of them, but the everyday life enough hard. The politics seems to changing and I’m afraid it’s going into a dictatury here in Hungary.

I’m looking foward and I plan to finish the university next year. I don’t fear from 2012 and I don’t think the world wiill be end than. Even if the end of the world come and Jesus comes to judge us than we won’t be able to anything aganist it.

G4 My little pony characters and pictures
Fizzy Pop friends
There is only one week until the My little pony Friendship is magic cartoon's premier.

In the Friendship is Magic the different type ponies living together in Ponyville just like they did in the Dream Valley in the G1 My little pony.

The Background story:
The cartoon's main character is Twilight Sparkle the nerd little unicorn who became obsessed to learning magic from her winged unicorn mentor Princess Celestra so Princess Celestra sent her to Ponyville to get friends and learned the true meaning and power of the friendship.

The Characters:

Twilight Sparkle:
She was a nerd until her mentor sent her to friend friends. She still like to learning and sometimes she gets the high horse, but with her friends and her knowladge and power she helps her new friends trought the different adventures. She is a natural leader.
Her short video can be find here:

Rarity is the most beutyful unicorn and the most talented fashion designedr in Ponyville. Her biggest dream is one day she can design for Princess Celestra
Her short video can be find here:

Flutter Shy:
Flutter shy is the most sweet and shy pony in the group, her friends needs to work hard to pull her out from her shell. She lives in her cottage close to the fores and she likes to caring her annimal friends too, but she stand up for her friends if it needs be. She looks like posey as pegasus.
Her short video can be find here:

Rainbow Dash:
She is the fastes pegasus in ponyville. She is daredevill like Firefly and she doesn't fear to fight with any danger.
Her short video can be find here:

Pinkie Pie
She is the silly and party pony in the group. Pinkie Pie is always optimistic and she do everything to make everything to laught because she love to hear laugh around her. She works in the sweet favtory.
Her short video can be find here:

She returned from the past. She is the farmer pony in Ponyville and she is the one who stands on tthe ground with all her legs.
Her short video can be find here:

Princess Celestra
She is the nobel princess in the G4 My little pony. She is kind and wise and she is Twilight Sparkle and her friends mentor.
Her short video can be find here:

G4 My little ponies and G5 Pokémons
Fizzy Pop friends

Well I haven't write into my blog for a wile just read other's blogs and sometimes commented the Kimono's Townhouse comic anyway this September's end is eventful.
First one week ago the G5 Pokémon came out where Ash went trough changes and left to the Isshu region.
His eyes became big brown and he got a new suit.

Ash with Iris



I think the Nintendo was rushing with the begining of the Isshu saga. There werent the good old routin like Ash left Dawn wo went foward on her own way than he left Brock and go home left his Pokémons and left to the Isshu gegion.


Well Brock won’t travel with Ash anymore and there will be a new femail professor, a new nurse and a new femail police officer.


Iris will be Ash’s new partner in the Isshu region. As you can see on the picture above Iris alredy has her own pokémon. She remembers me to Tupu.




Well I alredy like Iris and can’t wait to learn more of her, but I don’t really like Ash’s new look. :(


My little Pony


On this mondey night the Hasbro updated it’s offical My little pony site withe the new G4 My little ponies.

There will be a G4 cartoon on Hup channel and the firs episod’s premier will be on 10/10/10 (10.10.2010.) Very intresting date.


I think it’s enought information yet. I’ll write more really soon.